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Hurricane Harvey: The Order of Malta at Work to Bring Relief


Hurricane Harvey made landfall and destroyed coastal Texas, unleashing 130 mph gale force winds and knocking down trees, toppling power poles and signs, and washing away homes. A deluge of rain flooded the region bringing with it tornadoes.

Malteser International Americas and the U.S. Associations of the Order of Malta are coordinating relief efforts to deliver help for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Members of the Order are on the ground in the affected areas.

In the coming weeks, families will begin to assess the devastation, much of coastal Texas has been washed away by storm surges, homes have been decimated, and many people are homeless. It has been said that entire communities will be uninhabitable for months to come.

In the wake of this debilitating hurricane, we need your help. We ask that you pray for the children and families left in its wake, and the first responders and rescue teams risking their lives to save others.

Please click here to give today to support the relief measures delivered by the Order of Malta in the US to rebuild lives.

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