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Listen to Palliative Care Interview with Donna Coletti-Murljacic, MD, DM


One of the initiatives that we have been developing involves palliative care as a response to physician assisted suicide and euthanasia.

All 3 Associations in the US have been working together on this initiative. You will see a section in our weekly Spirituality in Action email newsletter that contains a series of articles on end of life issues that were written by members of the Federal Association.

Over the past year, American Association members, led by Donna Coletti-Murljacic, MD, DM, have been adapting a program called Dignity Therapy, which will allow hands-on activity of our members in this ministry.

Dr. Coletti was recently interviewed on “the FOCUS on Veritas”, a weekly podcast hosted by Peter Sonski, where she clearly explained palliative care and our Dignity Therapy initiative. Please click here to listen to her interview.

This is a topic that affects all of us and one that we need to understand so we can explain it to others.


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