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Meet Holy Family Hospital’s Baby Shefa: From NICU to Kindergarten


Baby Shefa was born on August 17, 2017, fifteen weeks early via a life saving C-section. She weighed just over one pound at birth. Shefa was born loving parents and is the youngest of five children. Nothing could have prepared Shefa’s family for the challenges ahead.

Baby Shefa needed a ventilator in the NICU to supply oxygen and was fed through her veins until she was strong enough to drink from a bottle and breathe on her own. Defying all odds, on the 90th day of her stay in the NICU, Baby Shefa went home to her family.

Shefa returns to Holy Family Hospital often for developmental check-ups. Thanks to the Neediest Baby Fund, Shefa’s parents paid only fraction of the original for her care, which enabled them to care for their children without anxiety over crippling medical bills. On Shefa’s second birthday, they returned to celebrate with the Hospital staff and give thanks. “I want to celebrate the victory of the battle of life of the tiniest creation in the world. Thanks be to God and Holy Family!” Her mother exclaimed. Today Shefa is a fun-loving five-year-old who loves school and playing with her family. She is another everyday miracle!

Click here to learn more about the Holy Family Hospital of Bethlehem Foundation. 

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