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New Anti-Human Trafficking Ministry Announced


At the Board of Councillors Meeting on September 22, 2021, President Peter J. Kelly, MD, GCM, announced to board members the funding of a new anti-human trafficking ministry. Dr. Kelly stated that this new endeavor fulfills one of the key initiatives he had challenged the Order of Malta, American Association to develop upon beginning his role as president. 

A gift of $250,000 has already been received from Deborah O’Hara-Rusckowski, RN, DM, and her husband, Steve Rusckowski for this effort. In addition, they have pledged a matching grant of $250,000 for gifts received from other donors for this effort; commitments for $150,000 have already been received. These specific gifts from Deborah and Steve are in direct response to the Order of Malta, American Association’s Called to Serve Capital Campaign. We hope these funds will encourage and support the involvement of American Association members in this ministry to eradicate human trafficking, which Pope Francis considers a crime against humanity. 

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