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Join Us at the 2022 Pilgrimage for Life


2022 Pilgrimage for Life

Come Pray with Us

January 20 – 21, 2022

Washington, D.C.

“Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, and before you were born, I consecrated you.” Jeremiah 2:5

“God will never forsake the work of His hands.” In a world that seems destined to challenge our faith at every turn, those words bring hope to those of us who believe. One of our priorities is to support pro-life activities. The Pilgrimage for Life presents a very positive opportunity to demonstrate through our presence and our prayers that life is sacred.

Nancy and Dr. Robert Graebe and Dr. Joseph Dutkowsky have been working diligently to continue and increase our participation in the Pilgrimage for Life which will take place in Washington, DC, on January 20-21, 2022.

Since the Supreme Court decision which opened the doors to the legalization of abortion in 1973, it seems like there has never been a time when the risks for the unborn have been greater; the movement to protect the unborn has never been more critical. We must continue to gather in prayer, raising our voices to show our commitment to protecting the lives of those most vulnerable. We will be joining Knights and Dames from the Federal Association on this important March, along with hundreds of thousands of people who believe as we do, that we have a responsibility to do what we can for those who cannot speak for themselves.

The Pilgrimage for Life is a peaceful, joyful celebration of life. It provides the opportunity for hundreds of thousands of persons of all ages, all faiths, and all walks of life to make a statement in support of life. By giving witness to the importance of life, we give witness to our faith.

Many of you have participated for many years while some of you may never have had the opportunity. The Pilgrimage is not a symbolic gesture but a statement that we are not going away, nor will we ever accept the concept of abortion on demand.

Click here to log in and register for this event, where we will give witness to our faith by respecting and defending life in the womb!

If you cannot attend, please join us in spirit and through prayer as we remember the unborn and pray for those to be born.

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