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St. Bernadette Ministry: A New Palliative Care Initiative


At the 2021 Investiture Weekend, we announced the addition of a new palliative care ministry that has been developed to combat physician assisted suicide and euthanasia. A committee has been working on this initiative, the St. Bernadette Ministry, for over a year and they are excited to finally introduce it to the members of the American Association.

The St. Bernadette Ministry’s focus is to serve those who are near or at the end of life, the frail elderly living in nursing homes or at home, individuals who are experiencing loss of dignity, or those whose life is nearing sunset. It is a Christian response to the culture of death, physician assisted suicide and euthanasia, loss of dignity, and denial of personhood. As a ministry specifically for the sick, we serve those who are terminally ill, in particular our malades, malades-in-spirit, and our members.

To learn more about this new ministry, please click here. You will find more information regarding the St. Bernadette Ministry, including its background, the committee, helpful resources, contact information, and more.

This ministry will be an important effort in the battle to prevent physician assisted suicide and euthanasia which is spreading around the country.

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