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The American Association’s Ukraine Relief Efforts


The Order of Malta, American Association continues to contribute to relief efforts for the war in Ukraine. We plan to regularly update members with a summary of how we are helping, and how you can help too. 


Association Efforts:

  • As of Friday, April 22nd, the American Association has received over $165,000 in donations for the relief efforts in Ukraine. Click here to make a donation. 
  • On Friday, March 25th, the Feast of the Annunciation, Pope Francis, joined by bishops around the world, consecrated Russia and Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Click here to watch a recording of this special event. Cardinal Timothy Dolan joined with the Pope in the Act of Consecration from Saint Patrick’s Cathedral. This event was also recorded and can be watched by clicking here.

  • The Association has asked members to set aside 1 minute each day at 7 PM to pray for world peace and an end to the war in Ukraine.


Area & Individual Efforts:

  • Benjamin Malec, KM, spent a week on the border of Slovakia and Ukraine aiding the Slovak Auxiliary Corp in its relief efforts. He assisted as a translator, organized transportation services, and oversaw all Order of Malta functions, transportation, housing, anti-trafficking, and drinkable water supplies. He is currently hosting a family of 5 in Slovakia, helping them acclimate to life in Slovakia. Click here to read his story. 
  • In the Boston Area, Steven Hardy, KM, Matthew Alderman, KM, Arthur de Garidel, YOF, Victoire de Garidel, YOF, Sarah Crawford, YOF, and Christopher Carter Lee, KM, have helped with supplies and donations to Ukraine Forward, which is under the auspices of Christ the King Ukrainian Catholic Church in Jamaica Plain, Boston.
  • The Connecticut – SWN Area has collected basic need supplies and first aid supplies for Ukraine. They are working with local Polish parishes to package and ship basic need supplies to Poland and Ukraine as well as sending first aid supplies directly to a church in Lviv, Ukraine, which is providing first aid and humanitarian relief efforts. Supplies include:
    • Underwear
    • Socks
    • Protein Bars
    • Baby Formula
    • Diapers
    • First Aid Supplies
    • Pain Reliefers
    • Antibiotic Ointments
    • Bandages and Gauze
    • Rosary Chaplets
  • Evelyn Brignoli, DM, is supporting her cousin who is working on the border of Poland to aid in relief efforts. She is assisting her cousin in raising funds for this work here.
  • Angela McNamara, DM, is supporting a mother and daughter taking refuge in her town in Florida. She is helping them with food, clothing, housing, and school for the daughter.
  • FJ McCarthy, KMOb, is a member of the Government Council and a Trustee of Northwell Health. FJ has been working to coordinate shipments of medical equipment and supplies from Northwell and the Mayo Clinic to the members of the Polish Association who are operating relief camps on the Polish border. These shipments include telemedicine robots that will allow those arriving at the border with illnesses to have visits with doctors based in the United States. A key component of this involves establishing translation services to overcome language barriers.  
  • John Murphy, MD, KM, President and CEO of Nuvance Health. Nuvance Health has donated financial support, as well as shipments of medical supplies and equipment to Ukraine. They have also encouraged employees to personally support the ongoing relief efforts via a number of charities. In addition, they have intensified our counseling and peer-to-peer support efforts to assist those employees and families directly affected by the war.
  • Members continue to pray on their own and in their parishes at Mass, including:
    • Joseph Feitelberg, KM
    • William Glinka, KM
    • John “Jack” MacKinnon, KM
    • Peter Maloy, KM
    • John “Jack” Shine, KM
  • Members have donated to the relief efforts, including:
    • Orlando Benedict, KM
    • Lawrence Koesterer, KM
    • Peter Maloy, KM
    • Robert Striano, KM
  • In the New York – New York City Area, the Committee of the White Cross Ball of New York hosted a fundraiser at the Basilica of Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral, raising $3,000 for Malteser International.
  • In the New York – Upstate Area, Rev. Thomas Lutz, ChD, has helped coordinate the collection of donations for the Association’s relief efforts at the Church of Our Lady of Loretto. This donation will be made to the American Association in loving memory of Kenneth Sapeta, KM, beloved Knight and local parishioner.


International Efforts

  • The Order of Malta is at the forefront in delivering aid to Ukrainian refugees. Click here to watch a video that illustrates the Order’s work to help Ukrainian refugees and to reveal the commitment that animates our mission and the values of Christian solidarity that we embody.
  • The Associations, the Order of Malta Relief Organizations, and Malteser International are doing heroic work to care for refugees flocking across the border. These include groups in Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and the Ukraine. Click here to learn more. 
  • Malteser International Americas (MIA): Shortly after the Ukraine conflict broke out, and at the Grand Magistry’s request, Malteser International Americas ramped up online fundraising and has raised nearly $750,000 to date, with most donations coming from the general public. To the extent possible, MIA will use these funds to maximize co-financing opportunities coming from other sources. MIA has committed to provide periodic updates on their support of relief activities being organized and led by members of the Order and volunteers in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Romania, and Slovenia.

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