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Join the Wisconsin Shrine’s Shepherd Project to Pray for US Bishops


From the beginning of May until the end of October, the National Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help, the location of our Wisconsin Pilgrimage, invites you to pray for Bishops across America each day with the Shepherd Project.


A Call to Prayer

Our Lady’s message to Adele was clear – to gather the children in the wild country and teach them what they need to know for their salvation, especially in how to make the sign of the cross, how to know the catechism, and how to approach the sacraments. Our church leaders, especially our Bishops, are entrusted with this mission in their own communities and we, as the Church, have a great responsibility in praying for them as they continue the good work.

As our world faces a shortage of peace and an increase in division and attacks within our families and the Church, our Bishops are facing extreme challenges. This is why they need our prayers, now more than ever, for the grace necessary to heroically lead people of faith in these uncertain times.

This is what inspired the Shrine’s Shepherd Project – a season of prayer for each and every Bishop across the United States, starting from the Shrine’s location in Wisconsin and emitting outward as the year goes on. Join us as we offer up our prayers for a Bishop a day to the Blessed Mother from May 1 to the end of October. In addition, a perpetual candle will be lit in the Shrine’s Apparition Oratory on behalf of the Bishops.

Click here to participate in this project. 

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