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2023 Lourdes Pilgrimage Update


A Message from President Peter J. Kelly, MD, GCM

Since its inception, the Annual Lourdes Pilgrimage has been the signature work of the American Association. Unfortunately, the pandemic has hampered us from traveling to this holy place for the past three years.

I have great hopes that we will observe our 35th Anniversary to Lourdes in 2023. I, along with other medical and administrative leaders, are beginning to plan to once again travel with our beloved Malades to Lourdes.

Our 2023 Lourdes Pilgrimage will take place from May 2nd through May 9th. A 415 passenger Airbus 330-300 has been secured for our transportation to and from Lourdes and hotel rooms have also been reserved for our use. That is great news!

Many of you have begun to reach out with questions on how the pilgrimage will play out in the future.

I assure you that even though the pandemic is behind us, we will still have to take precautions, since Covid variants are still active in the world and will be for some time. We will take all necessary precautions and will follow the directions of national and local health authorities to assure the safety and wellbeing of our Malades and Pilgrims. Authorities at the Domain in Lourdes have changed a few policies and procedures; but, it is comforting to know that those new policies still have secured the sense of holiness of this sacred place.

In the coming months, we will be reaching out to those Malades that were chosen for the 2020 Pilgrimage to see if they still have interest to attend in 2023 and if their current health condition allows. Once those Malades are chosen, we will open it up to new Malades to be considered. We plan on taking 50 Malades and 50 Caregivers in 2023.

We also plan to reach out to those pilgrims who were selected to attend in 2020 and asked us to keep their reservation fee for a future pilgrimage. Once that group has been offered to attend next year, we then will reach out to new members and members in formation, followed by the remaining membership. We foresee a great number of people interested in registering for the next pilgrimage, so please be patient, as we have to be fair to all.

You will receive announcements beginning this fall informing you of the 2023 registration, along with new policies that will be in effect for the safety and wellbeing of all that attend the pilgrimage. Thanking you in advance for your cooperation and patience and understanding.

Our Lady of Lourdes……..Pray for Us! God Bless you and thanks for all you do!

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