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January 4th: The Importance of Catholic Schools in the Life of the Church


Pictured above is Elizabeth Ann Seton. 

January 2023 Spiritual Outreach Call

Wednesday, January 4, 2023 at 11 AM ET

Join us for January’s Spiritual Outreach Call, hosted by Rev. Msgr. Sylvester Cronin, ChM. We invite you to dial in to hear his talk on the importance of Catholic Schools in the Life of the Church. 


How to Listen to a Spiritual Outreach Call:

  1. At approximately 10:55AM, dial 1-800-442-5794
  2. When prompted, enter pass code 656886#
  3. State your name and press the # sign
  4. Press *6 to mute your line as other callers are connecting


Listen to Previous Calls & View Our Call Calendar

All Spiritual Outreach Calls are recorded and uploaded to the website within one week. Click here to listen to previous Spiritual Outreach Calls and view our calendar of all upcoming calls.

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