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A COVID-19 Update from Malteser International Americas

July 30, 2020
Malteser International Americas survey 14 indigenous Wayuu communities in Colombia. Read More

Covid-19 and the Holy Family Hospital in Bethlehem

July 24, 2020
The outbreak has now grown to infect over 9,000 people, mostly from the Bethlehem and Hebron regions. Read More

The Order of Malta organizes a new Doctor to Doctor meeting with Jordanian officials and doctors

July 20, 2020
This project was launched in April to promote best practices in the scientific field and in the management of hospitalized patients. Read More

Council Complete of State convened for 7 November 2020

July 17, 2020
The Lieutenant ad interim, Fra’ Ruy Gonçalo do Valle Peixoto de Villas Boas, has announced that the Council Complete of State will convene to elect the Grand Master or the Lieutenant of the Grand Master. Read More

The latest Consultation on climate crisis and displacement or migration

July 9, 2020
The Order of Malta was able to share projects which have been adapted to address the challenges posed by the violent effects of droughts, floods, desertification, and rise of sea level due to global warming. Read More

Covid 19: Malteser International Emergency Medical Team deployed in Cameroon welcomed by the Prime Minister

July 3, 2020
The team deployed to Cameroon is a six-strong team of doctors, anaesthesiologists and experts from the fields of water, sanitation, hygiene and logistics. Read More

Order of Malta celebrates St. John the Baptist

June 26, 2020
The feast of the patron saint was celebrated by the Order of Malta’s Grand Priories, Associations, Embassies and Relief Corps on the five continents. Read More

Order of Malta’s Italian Relief Corps Turns 50. Lieutenant ad-interim congratulates President

June 26, 2020
Half a century of commitment in which the Relief Corps has grown until it now numbers some three thousand volunteers nationwide. Read More

Order of Malta’s hospital in Rome celebrates St. John the Baptist

June 23, 2020
Inaugurated the new outpatient clinic dedicated to the memory of Fra’ Giacomo Dalla Torre Read More

South African clinicians take part in new Doctor to Doctor online discussion

June 19, 2020
South Africa has confirmed nearly 90,000 cases of Covid and over 1,600 deaths. Read More

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