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Year of Preparation Formation Program Modules

These modules are presented in video format, with PowerPoint slides, a voiceover script, and appropriate photos to help illustrate and deliver the message.

Your Sponsor and Area Chair will provide you with information on how the modules will be deployed in your Area. In some cases, they may be used as group instruction; in other cases, they will be used individually. In all cases, the modules provide a strong basis and background about the Order you are preparing to join. You should put a plan in place with your Sponsor to ensure you complete all the modules within your formation year.

All of the modules should be reviewed by each candidate during the Year of Preparation. In some Areas, the modules reviews will be scheduled for all the candidates and will include a discussion group. In other Areas, they will be reviewed individually and should be followed by a discussion with the sponsor and/or the Area Chair.

To access the videos for the modules, just click on the title next to the numbers below.

1) The Year of Preparation

Module 1 presents a discussion on the Year of Preparation. When you complete this module, you should have a clearer idea of what to expect during the coming year, leading up to your Investiture. A brief review of the application process and the admissions review is also included.

2) What is the Order of Malta?

In this module, you will learn enough about the Order of Malta to give you a solid foundation on which to build your year of preparation. You will learn where the basis for spiritual growth through hands-on work got its start. You will learn what a religious lay order is and why joining it is such a serious matter requiring a year-long discernment period.

3) The Prayer of the Order

You are seeking to become part of an Order which spreads around the globe. Knights and Dames become conscious of the geographical universality of the Order of Malta. Recitation of the Daily Prayer of the Order reminds us all that there are fellow Knights and Dames around the world reciting the same prayer each day.

4) The History of the Order of Malta

The Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta, known more commonly as the Order of Malta, is an organization with a rich, complex history dating back to the year 1099, and even earlier. It was formed as a hospitaller order and religious order, and later became a military force during the Crusades. Its hospitals were, for hundreds of years, the most advanced in the world. Today it remains a lay religious order of the Roman Catholic Church; one of its primary functions provides international relief to those marginalized by war, natural disaster, or systemic poverty.

5) Works and Ministries

Module 5 presents an overview of the Works and Ministries in which members of the Order pursue their own spiritual development through participation in hands-on work. When a person becomes a member of the Order of Malta, he or she is expected to pursue a lifetime journey of spiritual development that takes form through active engagement in helping the sick and the poor, giving witness to our Faith by our works of charity towards those in need.

6) The Lourdes Pilgrimage

Module 6 provides a closer look at the Order of Malta’s annual Pilgrimage to Lourdes, France. Each year, Knights and Dames from all over the world meet in Lourdes with sick Pilgrims, caregivers, medical teams, clergy, Auxiliary and volunteers.

7) First, Second and Third Class

Throughout the Year of Prep Formation program, you have been learning about your entrance into the Third Class of the Order of Malta and the important commitment you are making in joining one of the oldest Order’s in the Roman Catholic Church.  The focus of the first six modules of this program is on what it means to be a member of the Third Class of the Order of Malta.  This module will introduce you to the entire breadth of the Order of Malta with a particular focus on the first and Second Class and the close relationship all members of the Order share.

8) The American Association

In this Module, the discussion will focus on the American Association, with a brief overview of its history, structure, governance, and its current activities.

Understanding the Association should provide you with the knowledge of the support available through its structure, members, and resources.


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