Order of Malta

Knights Hospitaller

Prayer of Intercession for the
Sovereign Order of Malta

As the Reform Steering Committee continues its work on the reform of the Sovereign Order of Malta’s Constitutional Charter and Code, all members are reminded of the Prayer of Intercession. As with the Prayer of the Order, members join daily with Knights and Dames around the world in this prayer for guidance and grace for the leaders working to revise the Order’s Charter and Code.

Lord, our God, we thank You for our family of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, and we bless You for calling us to be a part of it. Following the example of all those who have gone before us, give us the courage to give witness to the faith of the Church, and to serve our brothers, our lords, the Sick and the Poor, with a generous heart.

Today we entrust to You those who have received the mission of leading our Order, and especially in the present time, all those who strive to cooperate in the Reform to which we have been called by the maternal solicitude of Your Holy Church.

Lord, God of mercy and of kindness, look tenderly upon your children, as they turn to You to receive the Gift of Your Wisdom.

Grant them Prudence and Counsel through the Gift of Your Holy Spirit. Give them the spirit of intelligence, of truth and of peace. May they work under Your watchful care with humility, in a spirit of service and of purity of heart.

May their only intent be to do Your holy Will; and, excluding all attitudes of a partisan kind, may they work with the sole desire of deepening the charisms which Your kindness has showered upon our family.

We ask this through the intercession of Our Lady of Phileremus, our Holy Patron Saint John the Baptist, Blessed Gerard our Founder, and all the Saints and Blessed of our Order.


Imprimi potest
✠ Jean Laffitte
Titular Bishop of Entrevaux
Prelate of the Sovereign Order of Malta

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