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Inmates Explore Meaning and Rehabilitation Through Creative Expression

October 28, 2020
Rhode Island Member Begins Creative Writing Program for Inmates Read More

God Speaks to Us in Many Ways

October 27, 2020
NYC Pen Pal Writer and Auxiliary Member Finds Experience with Prison Ministry's Pen Pal Program To Be Enlightening Read More

Being There for Our Inmates Even When We Can’t Actually Be There

October 27, 2020
Diocese of Wichita, Kansas, Distributes Order of Malta Bibles During the Pandemic Read More

Connecticut Area Provides Support and Community for Pen Pal Writers

September 29, 2020
“It’s wonderful to have the support of others and to hear different points of view that can enrich the relationship that you have with this prisoner,” Read More

Bibles from the Order of Malta Support Prisoners’ Catholic Identity

September 29, 2020
“The Bible is a tool to find God, and it’s a tool to teach us how to live our lives.” Read More

A Surprise Pen Pal Assignment Brings Joy

September 29, 2020
Sometimes, how God calls us to use His gifts can be very different from what we expect. Read More

Prison Ministry Launches Email Newsletter

September 29, 2020
The newsletter is designed to provide insights into Area programs; member involvement; and, the impact of the many and varied programs on those being served. Read More

Hope, Care, and Christ’s Love

August 24, 2020
A Minnesotan Member’s Experience with the Pen Pal Program Read More

Bringing Bibles and Faith Formation to Hispanic Communities in Prisons

August 24, 2020
Many of us take for granted that we own a Bible, written in our native language. Read More

Driving to Prison, Flying Home

August 24, 2020
Listening, Providing Hope, and Growing in the Spirit Read More

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