Order of Malta


We distribute Bibles, Prayer Books, Prayer Cards and the Order’s quarterly publication, “The Serving Brother.”

Boston Area Prison Ministry Volunteers

We work with Prison Chaplains, Deacons, Sisters and the laity in religious education classes and in attendance at prison Masses.

We visit inmates speaking with them about the Lord , their future and their families.
We write to inmates through our Pen Pal Program by which the writer remains anonymous.

We arrange for families to visit their incarcerated loved ones. In the West Coast and Missouri, we support programs by which loved ones can enjoy an extended visit with their incarcerated relative on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. We call this program “Get on the Bus.”

We participate in restorative justice programs at which inmates meet with those they have offended or with victims of other crimes who explain how the crime has affected their lives.

Evening Rosary of Common Petition — The Order has launched an evening rosary project wherein each evening at 8:00 PM, all incarcerated men and women who wish to participate, are asked to pray the rosary either alone, or as part off a prayer group, for a specific set of common petitions. These petitions include: praying for each other, for fair trial, for judicial leniency, for families of the incarcerated, remembering the poor throughout the world, forgiveness of their sins and intent of personal renewal, and a commitment to Christ. The ultimate objective is to have all prisoners around the world praying together at the same hour, for the same petitions, as we move throughout the worlds time zones. In just a few weeks after launching this initiative, Florida,Texas and Georgia have become active in this program.

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