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One of the major problems in our society is that of recidivism. In the course of a three year time span, some 65 percent of the previously incarcerated will land back in prison. There are many reasons for this but certainly the difficulty in finding a job and a place to live, illness and the loss of a driving license are major factors contributing to this.

Prison Ministry in the Order of Malta has a number of programs and resources to combat recidivism.

Boston Area Prison Ministry Volunteers

In Florida, we offer the “Florida Social Services Guide to Public Assistance Agencies for the Benefit of Ex­felons and the Homeless” and the “Florida Employment Directory”. These booklets provide information of companies that will consider hiring the previously incarcerated, where to go to find a place to live and to seek medical attention, how to get your driving license restored, how to write a resume and to prepare for a job interview and much more. Efforts are underway to prepare similar booklets in other states.

In the State of Connecticut, Project Prodigal brings together business men and incarcerated men who are scheduled for release within a year. The business men work with the incarcerated to prepare them for job interviews by preparing a resume, building their confidence and establishing contacts. When the man is released, in many cases, a job and a place to live are waiting for him. Click here to view a video of Project Prodigal.

Connecticut’s Malta Justice Initiative has also developed a wonderful publication, The Justice Imperative, which is an excellent source for learning about the current state of our prison system in the United States and the directions it will go in the years to come.

Members are involved in other transitional housing/mentoring projects whereby recently released persons will have a structured place to stay until they are ready to reenter society.

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