Order of Malta


Strategic Plan Actions

Strengthen the already effective working relationship of the involved Associations. Broaden Apostolate membership; regular communication with all Apostolate members using centralized and updated electronic contacts; semi­annual meetings; create unified message and disseminate such through a common Apostolate web­site (plus Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).

Encourage increased membership participation through a letter from the Grand Master; distribution of an Apostolate Annual Report to all members (and Bishops); through the Grand Master seek an Apostolate meeting with the Pope; conduct Regional Masses inside the walls for Regional members.

Expand the reach of our inside the walls rehabilitation program with distribution of more Bibles, Prayer Books, Prayer Cards and The Serving Brother; increase pen pal participation; explore the Apostolate’s involvement in religious and civil education programs for the incarcerated such as Bridges to Life and/or that being conducted in the Angola Prison in Louisiana; expand and develop programs like “Get on the Bus” that bring families together.

Identify existing re-­entry-to-society programs such as Dismas Home, Oxford Houses and Diocesan efforts to determine the roles that the Apostolate can play; create Apostolate re­entry initiatives such as Project Prodigal, and the Social Service Guides focusing on housing, jobs, health services and mentoring.

Consistent with the respective Associations’ leadership approval, and working with both the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) and the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB), educate our members on prison ministry issues such as the need for the abolition of the death penalty, relaxation of the mandatory sentencing guidelines, establishment of mental health resources for the addicted and/or the incarcerated, and available alternate approaches to incarceration particularly for those that are juveniles.

Work with Dioceses usually through Catholic Charities to identify prison ministry resources (including prison Chaplains/Deacons) and expand the role the Apostolate can play. Inform Bishops of the Apostolate’s work through the distribution of an Apostolate Annual Report.

It is anticipated that Associations’ budgeted and allocated funds will not be sufficient to implement this Strategic Plan. The Board is committed to locate the needed financial resources from members with specific Prison Ministry interests and organizations or foundations not affiliated with the Order. However, any outreach for such outside funds must be approved in advance by the respective Associations’ leadership.

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