Order of Malta


Strategic Plan Process

The 5 person Steering Committee has served its purpose and the full 13 person Board, as of 1­1­ 2017 will be these members:

  • Mike McGarry, KM Co­Chair
  • Collins Whitfield, KM Co­Chair
  • Robert J. Fredericks, Ph. D., GCMOb Chair Emeritus
  • Eileen Bitten, DM ­ Western Association
  • Steve Caron, KM ­ American Association
  • Roman Ciecwierz, KMOb ­ Canadian Association
  • Joe Feitelberg, KMOb ­ American Association
  • Aleksander Johnston, Aux ­ Federal Association
  • Patrick Kraft, KM ­ Western Association
  • Doug Sandvig, KM – Federal Association
  • John Santa, KM ­ American Association
  • Andy Vissicchio, KMOb ­ American Association
  • Chaplain, Fr. George Williams, S.J., ChM ­ American Association

The focus of the process is to develop and furnish a two-­year draft plan for the four Association Presidents that will become a “living document” for the Apostolate. One or more Board members will take responsibility for the Actions outlined below to make this plan succeed. Future significant changes to the Strategic Plan will require the four Associations approval.

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