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Kennedy’s Rosary Project


Kennedy’s Rosary Project

The Connecticut Malta Auxiliary and their graduate Dames have created this wonderful project. The Rosaries are hand-knotted from fishermen’s twine and are MRI-safe. Included with the Rosaries are instructions on how to pray the Rosary, and each box containing the Rosaries features Kennedy’s story. Boxes are located in the Saint Raphael MRI Center in New Haven, CT, Fairfield County Imaging, a St. Vincent’s facility in Monroe, CT, and will soon be available at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Bridgeport, CT.The project has become so successful that to date, several hundred Rosaries have been distributed. We have had to shift gears to making Chaplets, which are a hand-held decade in a wrist size, ideal for MRI use. To quote Annamarie Rose, administrative director of the Saint Raphael MRI Center, “I am so happy to tell you that the patients just absolutely love them. Thanks for all your hard work; it’s quite an inspiration for many patients.” The hard work has instead been a joy; knotters experience the blessings and peacefulness of creating these Chaplets.Liz Tamarkin, D.M., has created a You Tube instructional video about the Chaplets (www.youtube.com; enter in “Kennedy’s Rosary Project”) as well as a blogspot (http://kennedysrosaryproject.blogspot.com/). Interest in the Project has spread rapidly around Connecticut, with growing ranks of knotters in and outside of the Malta group.

Malta members interested in growing this Project in your region are welcome to contact Liz (liz_tamarkin@yahoo.com) or Kristy (snyder.kristy@yahoo.com) and view the video and blog. Fundraisers are in the planning stages and donations are accepted as well. Donations may be sent to CT Malta Auxiliary, Kennedy’s Rosary Project, 30 Kiln Hill Lane, Ridgefield, CT, 06877.

Kennedy’s Rosary Project is a novel way to observe the Order’s mission of care for the sick as well as to share the spiritual fruits of the Rosary with a larger population.

Mae Tighe, M.D.
DM, Order of Malta

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