Order of Malta


Year of Formation Program

An important resource for Candidates in their Year of Formation

The Year of Formation Program has been developed to provide those of you in your Year of Formation with an important resource as you make your way through the year leading to your Investiture. The core of the formation program educational material is the series of eight modules and the Year of Preparation Primer, an explanation of the Order, its history, its membership and the American Association. You will work with your Area Chair and Sponsor to determine the process to be used to review the modules. The Modules are intended to be instructional and can be referred to as often as needed.

There are certain readings which the Code requires that members be familiar, including readings that are helpful in understanding the Catholic faith we seek to give witness to and to defend and readings on the role of the laity in the Church. Also included in the Year of Formation Program are a set of informative and interesting videos about the Order and the Association. May your Year of Formation provide you with all the graces and understanding needed to prepare for your journey on the path to spiritual growth in the tradition of the Order of Malta!

The Year of Formation Program resources are available to all members; members may find the information useful and helpful in rounding out their understanding of what the Order is really all about.

Persons outside the Order who are merely interested in learning more about the “Order of Malta” which they may have heard mentioned may also find the material of interest in expanding their understanding of the Order of Malta.

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