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Year of Formation Program

An important resource for Candidates in their Year of Formation

The online Year of Formation Program has been developed to provide candidates in their Year of Formation with an important resource for essential information related to the Order, its history, the importance of spirituality, and the life-long commitment made at Investiture. This online, self-paced course is intended for candidates to move quickly through each of the eight modules, be engaging and interesting. It can be referred to as often as needed throughout the Year of Formation and beyond.

In addition to the eight modules in this online course, candidates will also find a section for important readings and videos, which the Constitutional Charter and Code requires that members be familiar, and a discussion section where candidates can ask questions about the program’s topics. Additional resources are also available throughout each module to provide greater depth, background, and related information. As part of the American Association’s Year of Formation process, we are asking all candidates to complete the online course before their Investiture.

The Year of Formation online course is available to all members; members may find the information helpful in rounding out their understanding of what the Order is really all about. Please click here to log in as a member and visit the Year of Formation section.

If you are a candidate in your Year of Formation and you have not already registered for the online course, please contact the NY Office at (212) 371-1522. May your Year of Formation provide you with all the graces and understanding needed to prepare for your journey on the path to spiritual growth in the tradition of the Order of Malta!

Year of Formation Primer

Click here to download the Year of Formation Primer. This document provides an explanation of the Order of Malta, its history, its membership, and the American Association.

Order of Malta Glossary

Click here to download the Order of Malta Glossary.

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