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The American Association Affiliates: Auxiliary, Associates & Volunteer Auxiliary

The American Association’s Board of Councillors has defined ‘Affiliates’ of the Association as comprising three distinct groups: ‘Auxiliary’ who are ages 18 to 39 and ‘Associates’ who are age 40+ and ‘Volunteer Auxiliary’, ages 18+ who are not Catholic. Auxiliary and Associates are afforded a unique opportunity to:

  • Learn about the Order of Malta with the chance to consider membership at some future date
  • Engage in hands-on works aligned with the Order’s mission of serving the poor and the sick
  • Receive support in their spiritual development
  • Participate in the activities of the Area and the Association
  • Participate in a Catholic community, providing an evangelization opportunity

Auxiliary are further offered the opportunity to develop their own Area and Association wide projects in partnership with the Associations’ leadership and under the organization of their own governance structure.

Volunteer Auxiliary are non-Catholics who are interested in serving the sick and the poor alongside members of the American Association.

Who May Join as an Affiliate?

Practicing Roman Catholics who are at least 18 years of age may apply to become a Auxiliary or Associates; non-Catholics who are at least 18 years of age can apply to become an Volunteer Auxiliary. All applicants must complete the application and satisfy its requirements, including a background check performed through the Executive Office.

What Is Expected as an Affiliate?

Auxiliary and Associate members are encouraged to work alongside members of the Order as they fulfill their mission to care for the sick and the poor and defend the faith. They should use their interaction with the members and those they care for to develop an understanding of the Order’s unique charism and contemplate whether they might pursue membership in the Order. Auxiliary are encouraged to create their own works, in consultation with their Area Chair(s) that are relevant to their generation. Associates should generally join in the regular activities of the Area.

What Activities Are Involved?

Activities have included:

  • Leading Malta Walks to feed the homeless
  • Working with Habitat for Humanity to renovate homes for the handicapped
  • Leading groups of young adults with disabilities to participate in the Orders International Summer Camp
  • Hosting Theology on Tap talks
  • Supporting programs for the elderly residents of nursing homes and children in hospitals
  • Establishing nursing home pen pal programs
  • Organizing Advent and Lenten retreats in their Areas

Auxiliary Opportunities to Participate in the Lourdes Pilgrimage

Every year, Auxiliary and Associates, along with the Knights and Dames, take Malades (the French word for ‘the sick’) on pilgrimages to the Shrine of Our Lady in Lourdes, France. Auxiliary and Associates are well recognized for their valuable assistance in caring for the malades. Auxiliary play an especially important role in the pilgrimage as, given their age, they are often assigned as pullers of voitures or to work with young malades. Many Knights and Dames root their membership in the Order to their experience as Auxiliary on the Pilgrimage. As space allows, Associates can also apply to participate in the Lourdes Pilgrimage.

For more information about becoming an Affiliate, please contact the Chair of your Area or a Knight or Dame in the American Association.

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