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Spiritual Outreach Calls

The Spiritual Outreach Calls provide a message primarily intended for those who may have difficulty getting to Association events; but, the message is valid, current and inspirational for all. Our Spiritual Outreach Calls are recorded and uploaded to the website within one week. Please use the sidebar on the right to listen to past calls.

How to Listen to a Live Spiritual Outreach Call

1) At approximately 10:55AM, you should dial the conference call number: 1-800-442-5794
2) You will be asked to enter the passcode: Dial the following: 656886#
3) You will be connected to the call and will be asked to identify yourself. State your name and then press the # sign.
4) You should then press *6. This will mute your line as other callers are connecting.

    Date/Time Event
    11:00 am Spiritual Outreach Calls
    October Spiritual Outreach Call: The Rosary

    How to Explain the Rosary to Someone Who Does Not Know About It

    Presented by Fr. Paul Hartmann, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Area

    11:00 am Spiritual Outreach Calls
    November Spiritual Outreach Call: Purgatory

    Do We Really Have the Power to ‘Pray’ Someone out of Purgatory?

    Presented by Msgr. Robert J. Dempsey, Illinois Area

    11:00 am Spiritual Outreach Calls
    December Spiritual Outreach Call: Christmas

    What Are the Things I Should Be Doing to Prepare for Christmas?

    Presented by Msgr. Joseph Schaedel, Central & Southern Indiana Area

    11:00 am Spiritual Outreach Calls
    January Spiritual Outreach Call: The Epiphany

    Why Is the Epiphany Such an Important Feast in the Church?

    Presented by Msgr. Frank Caldwell, Nassau/Suffolk, New York Area

    11:00 am Spiritual Outreach Calls
    February Spiritual Outreach Call: What Is Candlemas Day?

    Presented by Fr. Daniel Tuite, Westchester, New York Area

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