Order of Malta

Who May Enter the Second Class
and the Subpriory?

The Subpriory welcomes inquiries from all Knights and Dames who have been members of the Order for at least five years and have made three or more pilgrimages sponsored by the Order of Malta with Malades to Lourdes or to another Marian shrine.

Approval of prospective members in Obedience is a matter of judgment, made on a case by case basis, as to whether the individual is appropriate to pursue a vocation in the Second Class and become a member of the Subpriory.  This judgment takes into account, among other things, the individual’s spiritual maturity, humility, understanding of the Order, level of participation in the works and activities of the Order and respect for and affinity with other members of the Subpriory.  The Regent has stated “There should be no rush to Obedience, but a gradual awakening of this vocation of prayer.”

The process for approval of commencement of a year of preparation for the Promise includes consideration and consent by the President of the Association, the Ordinary of the individual’s Diocese, the Regent and Council of the Subpriory, the Prelate of the Order, the Sovereign Council and the Grand Master.

Please click here to contact Frá Nicola Tegoni, Regent of the Subpriory.

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