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The second essay was written by Father Eric Hollas, OSB. Father Hollas is familiar to many Knights and Dames as a Retreat master at Association and Subpriory retreats over the last several years. A chaplain in the Western Association, Father Hollas is well-known and greatly respected for his ability to speak and write on the history and the meaning of the Order of Malta. This essay is the outgrowth of a talk given by Father Hollas at the Chaplains Convocation held in New York City in June 2015. The talk was so well received by the Chaplains that Father Hollas was approached right after the meeting to ask for his help in presenting his talk to the broader membership of the Association.

Father Hollas provides great insight into how the history of the Order has formed it into the Order of Malta as we know it today. He goes beyond the history, relating the role of the Knight, Dame and Chaplain to the Order’s priorities today. Knowing why we do what we do through the Order of Malta hopefully inspires us to follow in the way of the Order on our own road to spiritual growth.

Click here to read Father Hollas’s essay.

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