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DVD-Plan Your Family Naturally


DVD-Plan Your Family Naturally

Join Natural Family Planning (NFP) educators Dr. Jennifer and Matthew DeMarco as they reveal one of the Catholic Church’s best kept secrets: an effective, simple, and natural approach to family planning. This is not the old-fashioned rhythm method.

The Order of Malta along with the Diocese of RVC produced a DVD video introducing Natural Family Planning, in an effort to defend the faith and debunk the cultural stereotypes about the Church’s teachings on sexuality, procreation, and marital love. Using modern scientific methods, nearly 100% effective, NFP allows married couples to achieve, or safely postpone, pregnancy. The video effectively transmits the benefits of removing artificial barriers to God’s plan for the full, free, faithful and fruitful union of sacramental marriage.

This knowledge is too fundamental for people not to know.
Damon Owens

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