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A Visit to the Cenacolo House of Our Lady of Hope


Members of the Northeast Florida Area work with the Cenacolo Community in a variety of ways. Some of our members provide food and household items on a weekly basis, job training, and even instruction on planting techniques so that they can provide vegetables for themselves.

Beth Gutman, DM, recently arranged for a group of members to bring several car-loads of items to the Cenacolo house of Our Lady of Hope in St. Augustine. Members received a tour of the home, giving them a better understanding of the property and the work tasks of the house, and joined those at the house for pizza made in their wood-burning oven. They also had the great blessing of sharing night rosary with them (they say the rosary 3 times per day).

Those that live within the Cenacolo Community have productive days that include work, prayer, sharing with each other, and recreation. Several men shared their daily “commitments”, which are things that they are trying to change within themselves and their attempts that day to overcome their addictions. The real mission of these houses is the rehabilitation of these beautiful young men and women. Their testimonies were very emotional and heartfelt. It is not often that we hear such honest accounts of daily struggles. For more information, please visit www.hopereborn.org.

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