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Southeast Florida Area’s Annual Memorial Dinner at St. Ann Place


Pictured above from left to right: Patrick Clancy, Linda and John Kelly, Hawley and Jack McAuliffe and 2020 Year of Formation Candidate, Brian Clancy

Several members of the American Association’s Southeast Florida Area volunteered their time serving food and drinks at St. Ann Place’s annual Memorial Dinner on Wednesday, November 6. This West Palm Beach homeless outreach center hosts Memorial Dinners to remember clients who have died in the last year. The event provides their clients with an opportunity to celebrate the lives of the friends they have lost. The dinner was catered and underwritten by generous, anonymous donors.

A very special thank you to photographer, Lance Connelly, for capturing this beautiful event. John Pescosolido, Executive Director of St. Ann Place, shared Lance’s wonderful story with us. “Lance is from Palm Beach and has a solid family background; but, as a young child, he suffered from depression. When he was in high school, his parents sent him away to a prep school where he experimented with illegal drugs, which only compounded his depression. When Sisters Carleen and Oliver were new to St. Ann Church (prior to St. Ann Place), they met Lance and helped him get off the streets.

While his primary line of work is car detailing, he has always had an interest in photography. While we were hosting the Tim Mara Celebrity Golf Tournaments several years ago, I met Lance and he became our official photographer for the golf tournaments. He even spoke a few times at the annual dinners. He continues to struggle with depression and is currently going through a hard time after recently losing his girlfriend to pancreatic cancer. We will continue to support Lance and his work with St. Ann Place and I can always count on him to provide quality pictures.”

Pictured above from left to right: Nina Nolff, 2020 Year of Formation Candidate, Mitzi Freidheim, Jack McAuliffe, John and Linda Kelly, Patrick and Brian Clancy, and Hawley McAuliffe

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