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Dallas Area’s White Mass


From its inception, the medical profession has been understood as a healing profession, a way in which Christ’s work continues upon the earth. Moreover, since the apparitions at Lourdes in the late 19th century, the plight of the infirmed – and those who care for them – have taken on renewed appreciation in participating in the mysteries of Christ’s own life.

The tradition of the White Mass in the United States finds its origins in the development of the national Catholic Medical Association in the early 1930s. The White Mass, so named by the color worn by those in the healing profession of medicine, gathers health care professionals under the patronage of St. Luke to ask God’s blessing upon the patient doctor, nurse, and caregiver alike.

Mass was celebrated on Sunday, October 11th at the Cathedral of Guadalupe by his Excellency Edward Burns, VIII, Bishop of Dallas. Dallas Area members in attendance at the White Mass were invited by the Catholic Physicians Guild.

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