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Dr. Michael Kortbus Joins Peggy Stanton to Discuss the Power of Prayer and School of Healing Conference


Michael Kortbus, MD, KM, of the Upstate New York Area, joined the Michigan Area’s Peggy Stanton, DM, on her radio show, “A Place of Peace”, to discuss the ministry of faith healings, Encounter Ministries, and the upcoming School of Healing conference later this month.

Please click here to listen to their compelling discussion surrounding the power of prayer and how we are all called to be healers.

Encounter Ministries School of Healing: Two-day Conference

On Friday, October 29th – Saturday, October 30th, all are invited to join Encounter Ministries, in Monroe, New York, at the School of Healing event and experience God’s supernatural love through the power of prayer.

This is a two-day conference that will teach, impart, and activate Catholics to be a more effective minister of Jesus’ healing in the world!

Please click here if you would like to attend.

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