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Frá Nicola Tegoni Takes Solemn Vows as Knight of Justice


On Saturday, February 19, 2022 we were blessed to witness Frá Nicola Tegoni take his Solemn vows as a Professed in our Order. Several hundred Knights, Dames, family and friends were in attendance at St. Patrick’s Cathedral to celebrate Mass and share this wonderful occasion. This ceremony was recorded and can be viewed on YouTube (click here).

As we all know, the Professed are the heart of our Order and it is great to see a younger generation of Professed take their final vows. This process was suspended for the past 2 years until Cardinal Silvano Maria Tomasi, with Pope Francis’ support, advised the leadership of our Order to again allow these men to fulfill their vocations and profess their final vows.

Click here to read the comments made at this ceremony by the Regent of the Supriory, Frá Richard Wolff. His comments are a perfect reflection on the blessing given to us by God allowing these men to dedicate their lives to Him through the Order of Malta.

Please pray for Frá Nicola and all of our professed as they fulfill their vocations in the Order of Malta.


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