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Northeast Florida Area Shops for Cenacolo Community


On Sunday,  May 15th, Knights and Dames of the Northeast Florida Area visited the men of the Mary Immaculate House of the Cenacolo Community south of St. Augustine. Our Local Area Project Support Grant is used to great effect, as our members shopped for and delivered food to community members, who rely completely on Providence for their sustenance.

Director Albino Aragon arranged a tour of the facilities and grounds, including gardens and livestock areas from which the Community members derive some self-sufficiency. Mass was offered for all, followed by lunch prepared and served by the residents. The Northeast Florida Area supports the three Cenacolo Communities in the Diocese of St. Augustine, with volunteering and in-kind contributions throughout the year.  

The Catholic houses of Comunità Cenacolo are places of profound transformation. Many young women and men have joined this community as a result of their struggles with addiction to drugs and alcohol. This community was established to help young people overcome their darkness and follow the light of Jesus Christ through a faith based approach to recovery. Their days are filled with work, prayer and friendship. Cenacolo was founded in 1983 by Mother Elvira Petrozzi, an Italian religious sister.  There are now over 70 of these houses worldwide (including two in Lourdes). There are four Cenacolo houses in the United States. 

The Florida – Northeast Area is blessed with three houses of Comunità Cenacolo within the Diocese of St. Augustine. It has been our privilege to serve this community for the past thirteen years. The Area as a whole provides food providence to the three houses on a regular basis. There are generally 15 to 30 men and women residing in each of the houses and they rely solely on donations and their gardens for food.

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