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Southeast Florida Area Begins New Rosary Initiative


In an effort to encourage more people to say the Rosary, the Southeast Florida Area has created an original Order of Malta Rosary. Each Order of Malta Rosary is accompanied by a booklet titled, “How to Pray The Rosary”, published by Marian Press in both English and Spanish. Not only will this special Rosary encourage the gift of prayer, but it will also encourage us to further live out our charism and daily commitment to nurture, witness, and protect the faith and serve the poor and the sick.

This project, led by Nina Nolff and the Rosary Outreach Committee offers individuals who are currently residing in nursing homes, veteran homes, hospitals, assisted living facilities and the like, the ability to get closer to Jesus and His Mother Mary while praying with and for others.  The Committee identifies communities where praying the Rosary could become a habitual and enthusiastic addition to their daily routine.

Upon giving each person an Order of Malta Rosary, they are asked to include in their Rosary intentions the sick and poor throughout the world. This Marian devotion brings more people to the Rosary while enhancing our service to the sick and poor through prayer – an excellent ministry.

You can click here to view a full description of the program.

If you would like to learn more about this new initiative and live in another Area, please click here to email Andy Vissicchio.

For those living in the Southeast Florida Area, please click here to email Nina Nolff.

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