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Southeast Florida Area’s Rosary Ministry Goes to Lourdes


The Southeast Florida Rosary Ministry has gone international! From nursing homes, to freight and cruise ships, to prisons and now to Lourdes, oh my, Our Blessed Mother Mary is very happy.

Denise-Marie Nieman, with the blessing of the Southeast Florida Area Co-Chairs, Hawley and Jack McAuliffe and the Rosary Ministry Chair Nina Nolff, traveled to Lourdes with dozens of Rosaries to give to the Malades at some point during the week. Divine providence was definitely at work when pilgrimage leadership put into motion, in very short order, the handing out of the Rosaries after the Healing Mass to Malades as well as Cardinal Timothy Dolan. Thank you, Ed, Ken, Missy, Tom and Gail!

As Missy and Tom Reedy presented our Rosaries to the Malades, the feelings of love, joy and appreciation were palpable. After that moment and throughout the rest of the time in Lourdes, many Malades expressed beautiful sentiments of how much praying the Rosary means to them as part of their regular prayer life and now they have special Order of Malta beads that will serve as a constant reminder of their time in Lourdes.

If you would like to participate in this ministry in the Southeast Florida Area, please click here to email Nina Nolff, DM.

If you would like to learn more about starting this ministry in your own Area, please click here to email Andy Vissicchio, KMOb.

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