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Connecticut-SWN Members Learn More About the PenPal Program


On Monday, October 23rd, members of the CT-SWN area had a big turnout to share the evening with our special guest, Delores Connors, and learn about the PenPal program! 

For those of you who could not be there, it was a hope-inspiring evening for the PenPal program to hear more about this ministry and how to support our incarcerated brothers and sisters. Delores shared her journey as a teacher with a great love of reading and how that led to her creating Write to Matter. 

There are three focuses of Write to Matter: 

  • Supporting families suffering the loss of an incarcerated family member

  • A compassionate line of greeting cards that support and inspire. The cards with artwork are created by formerly incarcerated artist and there are art competitions and gallery events to inspire the artists

  • A family read-aloud program that creates connections between the families and their loved ones in prison through recorded readings of inspiring stories. The incarcerated receive a link to the story to hear their family reading to them and also receive a copy of the book.

If you would like to learn more about Write to Matter or to purchase cards, please visit https://www.write2matter.com/.

Delores was so encouraging to all of us and said she was fueled by the conversation as well! We look forward to seeing the fruits from this evening. God is good!


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