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Illinois Area Celebrates “Three Kings Day” with Migrant Families


Inspired by examples of service work shared at this past year’s Investiture Weekend, Illinois Area Knights and Dames—and family—partnered with Catholic Charities and a local Chicago-parish to help host and serve a Three King’s Day luncheon for newly arrived migrant children and their parents.  After the luncheon, complete with Rosca de Reyes cake, gifts of toys, winter coats, and other essential items were given to each child by the three “Kings”.  With Chicago at the center of the migrant crisis, this was a special opportunity for the Order to step up to serve migrant children, for whom the Epiphany is an especially dear celebration. Special thanks to Ken Craig and New England area Hospitallers for sharing information on their activities that bring together the spiritual, service, and social components of the work of our Order.

Happy New Year to all.  

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