Order of Malta


Coats for the Homeless Designed by the Homeless


In addition to the Warm Clothes Drive this year, the Order of Malta CT-SWN Area was able to give out 24 very special coats as part of a test to the New Covenant Center, Thomas Merton Center and Danbury Hospital.  These coats are special because they were designed by the homeless for the homeless.  Members of the Order of Malta consulted the homeless about what they wanted and needed in a coat. The feedback put forward black coats that were three-quarter length with a hood, quilted and warm, waterproof, comfortable and portable. The color is meant to be inconspicuous, as the homeless indicated their greatest fear is being assaulted in alleys and parks. Secret internal pockets hold valuables. The coats are specifically designed for mobility, allowing for easy movement in an emergency and can be easily layered in various seasons.  Thanks to the generous donation from a past Lourdes Pilgrim, we were able to purchase 24 coats and look forward to seeing how our clients like them.  If we get good reviews, we can order more next year as part of our warm clothes drive.  A special thank you to a past Lourdes Pilgrim who provided CT-SWN with a generous donation , a small portion of which was for these coats!  If you are interested in learning more about the coats, please feel free to check out the website at www.blessedrthey.org

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