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President Kenneth Craig Visits Missouri Area to Accept Award


On Sunday, April 14th, Kenneth Craig, President of the American Association, was in St. Louis to accept an award presented by Our Lady’s Inn to the Order of Malta, in recognition of the many years of support the Missouri Area has provided. 

Our Lady’s Inn (OLI) provides women in crisis pregnancies a place to live as they prepare for birth and the care for their infant. It also shelters and provides for the basic needs of any dependent children a pregnant mother may have. Proving that there are real alternatives to abortion, even for the neediest, OLI provides services that help women and children not just to deal with a crisis, but to lead flourishing lives. A woman and her children may reside at OLI for a year. For the next two years, she can count on the support of OLI caseworkers, whose goal is to ensure that every family it serves has safe and stable housing and that every mother has the assistance she need to achieve her personal goal, whether that is securing employment or enrolling in further education.

Our Lady’s Inn has been providing these services for 42 years and during that time more than 8,500 pregnant women in crisis plus their 10,000 children have found refuge, support, and hope in OLI homes. There are currently 2 OLI homes in the St. Louis area, and a third will be built soon.

The keynote speaker was the Most Reverend Joseph F. Naumann, Archbishop of Kansas City, Kansas.  He is a staunch pro-life warrior and was elected chairman of the USCCB Committee on Pro-Life activities on November 14, 2017.   

There were many Knights and Dames of the Order of Malta present at this “Angel Gala” dinner, and over $80,000 in donations were made.

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