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Pray the Lourdes Pilgrimage Novena April 21st – April 30th


Prayer is a most powerful tool in seeking God’s grace and blessings. This Novena for the success and safety of the Lourdes Pilgrimage is a wonderful way for participants to prepare for the pilgrimage and a great way for those who are not attending to be linked spiritually to those who will be there.

The Novena is recommended to be said for the nine days leading up to the departure of the charter plane for Lourdes. It can also be said, beginning on the day of the charter flight to Lourdes and ending on the day of the charter flight returning from Lourdes. Of course, this novena can be said anytime.

Click here to join us in praying this Novena from Sunday, April 21st through Monday, April 30th.

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