Malteser International Americas

Malteser International Americas is an affiliate of Malteser International, the humanitarian relief organization of the Order of Malta. Through its life-saving relief programs, the American headquarters serves as a vehicle for Knights and Dames to have a real, far-reaching, tangible impact on human lives throughout the United States, across the Western Hemisphere, and around the world. Malteser International Americas, and their competent and devoted staff, carry on what the Order was established more than 900 years ago – to care for the sick and the poor.

The Order’s relief arm is a highly-credible global humanitarian organization with over 60 years of effective aid experience, and it remains committed to providing relief to help the poorest of the poor during great times of suffering. Malteser International Americas ensures that basic human needs are met and exceeded, while also finding the most effective opportunities for recovery, rehabilitation and development. In the face of enormous challenge, Malteser International Americas has consistently risen to the challenge and excelled following catastrophic events, not only to provide disaster relief, but also to involve the people and communities they help to establish healthier, better, dignified futures.

Their reach has been great. From providing the families of Cite Soleil, a slum in Port-au-Prince, Haiti with essential hygiene kits after Hurricane Matthew; to teaching new farming skills to displaced farmers in Colombia, so they can sustain their livelihoods and feed their families; to making sure the elderly and sick have money to buy food after Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, and the earthquakes in Mexico; Malteser International Americas’ relief work spans the consequences of both natural and man-made disasters. And, that is just the beginning. Their work is primarily focused in North, Central and South America, as in their hurricane recovery on shores of the United States and Puerto Rico, but like a family, they support the global relief efforts of Malteser International, such as the refugee crisis in the Middle East, famine in Africa, and natural disasters in Asia.  Malteser International Americas’ responds to those who need it most, in the Americas and around the globe.

Located next to the Order of Malta American Association in the Archdiocese of New York, the organization’s life-saving relief and development work, allows Knights and Dames of the Order to play an integral role caring for the sick and the poor, and helping serve the needs of more than 1.6 million people around the world.

For Knights and Dames who seek opportunities to fulfill the Order’s mission of helping the sick and the poor through Hospitaller works with Malteser International Americas, there are a variety of ways to help. Get Involved by adopting a project, hosting a meet and greet, participating in humanitarian aid seminars, volunteering your services, involving your company, planning your legacy, joining Amazon Smile and following Malteser International’s social media networks more.

To make a difference and extend your hand immediately, please make a donation to Malteser International Americas today. And, to learn more about the people around the world whose lives have been bettered because of Malteser International Americas’ humanitarian works, please visit