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Northeast Florida’s Malteser Disaster Relief Training Session


Many disasters in North America, Latin America and the Caribbean affect multiple countries, and happen without warning. Preparedness is the only way to mitigate devastating consequences of a large-scale disaster. Successful emergency response requires all stakeholder participation.

On July 20, the Malteser International Americas’ Team will train members of the Order of Malta during a one-day Introduction to Emergency Response Workshop and simulation exercise in Jacksonville, Florida.

The workshop will: 1) provide an overview of Malteser International’s scope of relief and development work; 2) discuss the complex world of humanitarian action; 3) identify best emergency response practices and discuss gaps and needs addressed during a disaster, and 4) offer participants a practical understanding of how to provide safe drinking water to the affected population in the aftermath of a disaster. The water purification equipment “ASPEN 3300” will be introduced as the most effective and reliable option to water purification in emergency response.

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