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October 2019 American Association Prison Ministry Announcement


We wish to congratulate Mr. Mohammed Roche, inmate at the Union Correctional Facility, Raiford, FL for having said 1000 rosaries, as a testament to his deep devotion to our Blessed Mother. Mr. Roche is the twelfth inmate to achieve this distinction, and will receive a “Certificate of Recognition” for his outstanding effort.

Twelve-thousand rosaries from twelve inmates is in itself a remarkable achievement, but what cannot be quantified, and also needs to be celebrated, are the many thousands of rosaries that are being said by inmates in the American Association prison ministry, who may only say one, or a dozen, or a few hundred rosaries. To these inmates, it is a demonstration of their Marian devotion, which comes from their hearts. As Jesus has reminded us, it is not always the outcome, but the sincerity of the intent, that carries grace as well. In an inmate’s quest for reconciliation, what better ally is there to have than our Blessed Mother?

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