Order of Malta


Michigan Area Clinic’s COVID-19 Efforts


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Malta Dental and Medical Clinic has been closed since mid-March, except for emergencies. It plans to reopen on Monday, June 15th.

For the past month, its volunteers, in partnership with Catholic Charities, have been preparing Homeless Hygiene Kits for Detroit shelters and the Covenant Community Care Homeless Outreach Team. The first kits were given to Detroit Health public nurses, who checked each shelter during the Covid-19 crisis for anyone exhibiting symptoms. 

These hygiene kits are string backpacks that contain hand sanitizer, masks, toothbrush and paste, shampoo/conditioner, toilet paper, menstrual pads, water, a snack, razor, and information on mask usage and Aetna insurance. The Pope Francis Center will start accepting these kits for those in need starting this month. We hope to distribute hygeine kits to 2,000 homeless.

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