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Mary as a Model of Faith Inspires Prayer for the Incarcerated


Mary as a model of faith—that was the inspiration for Jarrod Kinkley, Communications Coordinator for Catholic Prison Ministries Coalition, to write an Advent Prayer specifically for the incarcerated and those affected by someone who is incarcerated.

“Prayer for the Advent Season” was also inspired by the “Mary Mother of Captives” painting created by artist Jack Pachuta for Augustinian Defenders of the Rights of the Poor. The painting shows the Blessed Mother holding a pair of handcuffs, one open, one closed. The Augustinian Defenders of the Rights of the Poor had already created a prayer to go with the icon. Jarrod’s work is separate from that.

Jarrod has been a Lay Marianist since his undergraduate years. The Marianists are a family of Catholic brothers, sisters and committed lay people dedicated to Mary as a model of faith. He holds a Masters degree in Theology and a Certification in Pastoral Ministry from Villanova University but also has a background in the arts. “I have a deep appreciation for how the arts can be revelatory of the human condition and can connect us to each other as well as connect us to those who might have different lived experiences from us,” Jarrod said.

With that combination of gifts at his disposal, Jarrod wrote “Prayer for the Advent Season.” He said, “My hope for this prayer is that it creates that space within ourselves to creatively welcome the other, whether it be physically or spiritually or from a distance, to our Advent practice.”

Prayer for the Advent Season

Mary, Mother of Captives

Your son came to proclaim liberty

Soften our captive hearts

Hardened by distrust and judgement

Give us grace to see the dignity of all

The captives, the captors, the survivors, the families


By your example, teach us to be gentle

Show us how to be restorers of peace and wholeness

By your example, teach us the power and disruption of “yes”

Show us how to challenge injustice and apathy

By your example, teach us the gift of persistent patience

Show us how to listen to the unheard, the guilty, the innocent, the forgotten


Mother of Captives

Inspire us, move us, be with us.



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