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New Jersey Area Sponsors A Celebration of Vespers and Benediction


The New Jersey Area was proud to be one of the sponsors for a celebration of Vespers and Benediction celebrated according to the Sarum Rite on Friday, March 1st, at the Princeton University Chapel. The Sarum Rite was the form of the Liturgy celebrated in England before the Reformation and is an esteemed part of our Catholic heritage. The Liturgy was organized by James Griffin, KM, Executive Director of the Durandus Institute of Liturgy and Sacred Music.

The evening was presided by Fr. Armando Alejandro of the Anglican Ordinariate, the ecclesiastical structure created by Pope Benedict XVI for the reception of Anglican and Episcopalian converts to the Catholic Church and preservation of English Catholic heritage. He was assisted by several priests, including Fr. David Skoblow, ChM, of the New Jersey Area. The choir included singers from Princeton University’s Catholic Campus Ministry as well as Gallicantus, a choral group from the United Kingdom that specializes in early music. Several Knights and Dames from New Jersey, New York City, and Philadelphia attended the Liturgy, alongside almost a thousand people, many of whom were Princeton students. The large attendance on a Friday evening was a testament to the desire of many to experience the beauty of Catholic traditions, and we are proud to be able to support such an event.

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