Order of Malta

Southeast Florida Spirituality in Action

Camillus House

Ten Knights, Dames, and Auxiliary assist with the distribution of food to the homeless in downtown Miami. They serve food, clean the cafeteria, and offer Christian fellowship to the homeless at the Camillus House. This project originated in 2013.

Martin Correctional Institution

Arrive once a week on Wednesdays, with other regular lay ministers around noon and meet in the chapel. Engage in one-on-one counseling with time for fellowship and camaraderie; all gathered then participate in a Catholic communion service or Mass based on priest availability. When priests are available, inmates are able to have their confessions heard by the priest.

Okeechobee Correctional Institution: Kairos

For each Christian retreat, the weekend group of 42 team members prepares in advance for the retreat. The retreat starts on Thursday and runs until Sunday. The weekend includes 12 talks on range of spiritual topics. The retreat includes group discussion time, singing, prayer, and worship service on Sunday morning. The participants will sit and draw posters to recap topics in the talks. Retreat is offered in both English and Spanish twice yearly.

Prison Ministry

Members visit jails and prisons and provide Bibles, prayer books, and the Serving Brother newsletter throughout the state. Twenty Knights, Dames, and Auxiliary publish and distribute two assistance guides and one employment directory to assist released inmates in the state of Florida.

St. Ann Place

Fourteen Knights, Dames, and Auxiliary meet the needs of the homeless and poor people in the West Palm Beach and surrounding areas. Members help with the food program, assembling bag lunches and serving approximately 100-120 individuals, and in other areas like hygiene, health care, special assistance with government papers, securing housing and job support. This project originated in 2014.

West Palm Beach County Main Detention Center: Prison Ministry

The largest of the three Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office correctional facilities, the Main Detention Center has the greatest security capabilities and is used to house high-risk inmates, federal inmates, inmates who are in need of special medical and/or mental health care and also those inmates who cannot function at any other facility. The average inmate population for the Main Detention Center is 1769 inmates. Members attend weekly Mass with two separate services, one for men, one for women.

Order of Malta

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