Order of Malta

Indiana Area Spirituality in Action

Feeding the Homeless

 Members of the Order prepare and serve a hot meal to approximately 175 homeless/poor people at the Cathedral Kitchen 1~2 days per month.

Feeding the Poor at John H. Boner Community Center

Local Knights and Dames prepare and serve a meal to the residents of the John H. Boner Community Center at the Byrne Court Apartments once per month. Ministry includes cooking the
meals at members’ homes and transporting to the center where members serve the meals.

No Veteran Dies Alone

Order of Malta members work with the Social Services Department to minister to terminally ill patients in hospice or palliative care on a weekly basis at the Roudebush, VA Hospital.

SMOM Food Distribution

Knights and Dames pickup and distribute food to the poor from the St. Vincent de Paul food pantry and distribute to approximately 15 families weekly.

St. Thomas More Free Clinic

A local Area member provides nursing care to patients at the St. Thomas More Clinic and sits on the Board of Directors as Secretary/Treasurer.

Veterans Administration Eucharistic Ministry

A Knight works in the VA Chaplaincy office to provide Eucharistic Minister/Chaplain services to Roman Catholic patients on the day of the week when the Roman Catholic Priest is away serving another facility.

Order of Malta

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