Order of Malta

Missouri Area Leadership

Area Co Chairs:

Kathleen and Gregory Gantz, DM/KM
Members since 2014

Area Chaplain:

Msgr. Vernon Gardin, ChM
Chaplain since 2009

Area Hospitallers:

Jonathan Klimpel, KM
Member since 2022

Lawrence Koesterer, KM
Member since 2022

Area Membership Chair:

Christopher Winkelmann, KM
Member since 2011

Area Treasurer:

William Guyol, KM
Member since 2007

Affiliates Committee:

Genie Wilhelm, Assoc & John Wilhelm, Assoc
Associate members since 2007

Area Communications:

Prof. Brian Abel Ragen, KM
Member since 2019

Malta Masses:

Donna Roth, DM & Mike Roth, KM
Members since 2017

Prison Ministry:

Patricia Hofmeister, DM (Women’s) & Mike Mooney, KM (Men’s)
Members since 2013 & 2011

Area Grants Committee:

Tyler Bender, KM
Member since 2016

Don Gunn, KM
Member since 1994

Carole Less, DM
Member since 1994

Jack Pohrer, GCM
Member since 1994

Malta Rosary (first Wednesday):

Donna Albers, DM & Mike Albers, KM
Members since 2018

Daily Missal Mailings:

Pat Bick, DM
Member since 2013

Malta Mobile Ministry (MMM) St. Louis Leadership Roles


Randy Weber

Finance and Operations Coordinator:

James Bick, KM
Member since 2008

Program and Services Coordinator:

Christopher Winklemann, KM
Member since 2011

Volunteer Driver Coordinator:

Mike Roth, KM
Member since 2017

Vehicle Maintenance Coordinator:

Genie Wilhelm, DM and John Wilhelm, DM
Members since 2007

Communications Coordinator:

Prof. Brian Abel Ragen, KM
Member since 2019

Order of Malta, American Association, U.S.A.

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New York, NY 10022
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