Order of Malta

Upstate New York Area Leadership

Area Co-Chairs:

Jean Maloy, DM, and Peter Maloy, KM
Members since 2017 and 2004

Area Hospitaller:

Dr. Michael J. Kortbus, KM
Member since 2014

Maureen Lynch, DM
Member since 2017

Susan and Thomas O’Connor, DM and KM
Members since 1994

Area Membership Committee:

Thomas Tyrrell, KM
Member since 2018

Area Treasurer:

F. Michael Tucker, KM
Member since 2001

Area Communications:

Dr. Joseph Dutkowsky, KM
Member since 2009

Area Spirituality:

Joan Kehoe, DM
Member since 2008

Order of Malta, American Association, U.S.A.

American Association, U.S.A
1011 First Avenue, Room 1350
New York, NY 10022
(212) 371-1522