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Pilgrimage: The Remedy

The Way to Conversion and Healing

One of the reasons for a pilgrimage is that it is different, when something different is what is needed. Pilgrimage is a break from the ordinary. It is a rest, a tonic, a reorientation, an interlude, a renewal. More profoundly, it is the way to conversion and to healing. Conversions and healings occur in many and varying degrees according to the peculiar personal needs of the pilgrim, but conversion and healing are hallmarks of pilgrimage.

It behooves a pilgrim to undertake a sort of examen in preparation for the journey; introspection directed toward the object of the pilgrimage. Will it be a deepening, a cleansing, expiation, a respite, or perhaps actual healing? In the end, each of these, as well as conversion, is a healing.

Too often these latter days, “healing” has tended toward the trite, devolving into sentiment and peace of mind. Genuine Catholic pilgrimage countenances no such inclination. Faith heals, and Faith is the mother of Pilgrimage. For millennia Pilgrims the world over have been impelled to pilgrimage to the undeniable effect of profound and miraculous healings, physical and otherwise—The original “march for a cure.” Baby Steps Camino™️ is no different.

Our Lady beckons our pilgrims to America’s first Marian Shrine, where she is venerated under the title of Our Lady of La Leche and Good Delivery. Her healing hand has manifested itself most powerfully here particularly among those seeking comfort concerning fertility, conception, healthy gestation, safe delivery, and loving gratitude for a new life. The National Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche is America’s definitive pro-life pilgrimage destination.

Pilgrims to Lourdes encounter mounds of crutches and braces evidencing miraculous cures of Our Lady’s pilgrims. Miracles at the Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche are measured more often in children conceived and happy healthy deliveries among couples who brought their prayers here to the feet of Our Lady, the nursing mother. It is ever a thrill to learn of and even meet “Camino Babies” from pilgrims whose prayers were answered after their pilgrimage.

Still, Our Lady’s graces are not to be confined to any particular type of healing. Countless blessings and healings have been bestowed on our pilgrims over the years, again, many and varied. For each pilgrim who has his or her own personal call and personal need for personal healing, Pilgrimage is the remedy.

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