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Pen Pal Program

The American Association’s Pen Pal Program is becoming a popular way to become involved in our ministry. Knights, Dames, Auxiliary and Volunteers have joined the Program, which consists of (1) letting us know you would like to become a pen pal, (2) being given an inmate’s name to whom you would write, (3) being furnished “guidelines” and general pen pal information and (4) writing to your pen pal once a month.

The Pen Pal Program is a two-way correspondence between you and an inmate. It is an anonymous relationship; you do not mention your last name and all incoming letters from your pen pal are mailed to an innocuous mail box, from which letters are forwarded to you. Most of the inmates we write to have been identified by a Prison Chaplain/Deacon or other Religious persons, which has kept frivolous and/or inappropriate relationships to a minimum.

We can say from experience that you will get so much more out of this Program than you put into it. Studies and releasee testimonials show that writing to an inmate enhances self ­esteem and translates into a lower recidivism rate upon release.

To view our guidelines and application, please click here.

P.S.  If you know of an inmate who wishes to connect with a Pen Pal, please pass on our information.

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